July 24, 2014


Huge New Crop Soybean Sales Reported
Soybean sales were 226,681 tonnes for old crop (150,000 – 250,000 expected) and 2,451,103 tonnes for new…
High Pressure Settles Over Cornbelt
Cooler high pressure settles in over the Corn Belt today. This will hold into tomorrow, but our next frontal boundary will arrive in the western Corn Belt later tonight and will…
7/24 8:00 AM Update-Listen in to our recap of overnight trade, and a look ahead to what we’re watching today.
TNWUC100-3 Allendale Releases Corn Yield Estimate
Grain futures are higher as old crop soybeans lead the charge due to tight supplies and firm farmer holding. Rich Nelson releases Allendale’s estimate for US corn yield…
Corn Field100-2 Temps Important to Watch for Corn Trade
Early in the morning, corn attempted a turnaround Tuesday bounce which the weather forecasts did not support. Right on the opening, there was a small technical bounce
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