November 19, 2018

Weekly Ethanol Production 8-2-2017

August 2nd, 2017

Ethanol production this past week ran 1.002 million barrels per day. That was within the past few weeks of production. It was 0.2% under last year. Production rates have been moderated for now nine weeks in a row. Our year to date pace is 4.4% over last year, slightly ahead of the 4.3% year over year growth that USDA expects for corn for ethanol.

But corn for ethanol is not ethanol production. Efficiency has been under last year for now nine months in a row. Based on yesterday’s monthly ethanol by-product report from USDA, we compute that June ethanol production was made from a 2.93 gallons per bushel efficiency rate, 1.3% under last year’s rate for the same month.

We are ahead of USDA’s goal. At this time we don’t see a need for USDA to raise their corn for ethanol estimate on the 10th.


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