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Hedge Your Health

December 15th, 2016

with Laura Georgy, MS, RDN, LDN


December 2016
Sending the WARMEST holiday wishes of health, happiness,
and a full heart to you and your family.
XO, Laura


Bypass the Party Binge

How to create a safe distance between you & the appetizer table.

You may have the best intentions to be social and engage with friends, extended family or your cousin’s new boyfriend, but sometimes you can’t help but feel a bit isolated at a party and gravitate to the buffet table. Oh, that’s just me? Oops.

To get back into the mingling mood, set down your plate/drink and pick up one of the following:

-    a camera to take pics for the host
-    a deck of cards to challenge Grandma to a game of Rummy
-    a baby to give his/her parents a break
-    a dirty plate to help with clean-up
-    anything else to occupy your hands

When you’re handling non-edible options, you create purpose and disrupt the mindless munchie mindset.


Bounce Back after Antibiotics

Do this to prevent further illness and infection

While antibiotics do a great job of curing winter's pesky colds and diseases, they also do a number on your digestive track (think: roto-rooter) and wipe out the community that supports proper gut health. Yikes. With that said, it is ESSENTIAL to protect your gut while your heal your body. In fact, some European pharmacies dispense probiotics along with antibiotics. To make your gut great again after a dose of antibiotics, remember these 3 steps to repair and restore:

1) Drink bone broth.
Bone broth contains a high amount of glutamine, a component that is shown to strengthen your gut lining. Glutamine helps heal a leaky gut and fights off other nasty particles from entering your blood stream.
When: Immediately and as often as possible during an antibiotic treatment.
How: Make your own (recipe here) or find it at a store. In a time crunch, I like Pacific Food’s Bone Broth.

2) Take a probiotic supplement.
Science shows that you can maintain your “baseline” gut bacteria when you take a probiotic supplement along with your antibiotic.
When: Between meals, since you will likely take your antibiotics with food.
How: Look for a supplement that contains both Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strands.

3) Eat fermented foods.
This one doesn’t come as much as a surprise, since it’s ALWAYS a good idea to eat fermented foods. Your gut will welcome new strands of bacteria to help diversity your microbiome portfolio.
When: Always. Especially after you finish a round of antibiotics.
How: Sip kombucha or kefir, stir a tablespoon of miso paste or gochujang into soups and sauces, or top a sandwich or salad with sauerkraut or picked vegetables.

Client Confessional

Real life situations from anonymous clients who are trying their best.

Dear Laura:  "Old man winter makes me want to shutter in place, eat comfort foods, and stay in a steady state of sleep. Nothing about grey skies and subzero temps scream ‘happy’, ‘energized’, or ‘overjoyed’. Can you recommend any foods for a better mood?"

Dear Happy Seeker: Seasonal mood slumps are very real, but that doesn't mean you have to hibernate! What you put on your plate can turn a “meh” day into an “I got this” day by elevating your mood and brain function. Include these standouts in your meals and snacks:

  • lox or grilled salmon for brain-protecting omega-3 fatty acids
  • mussels in marinara for energizing vitamin B-12 & depression fighting lycopene
  • dark chocolate, 80% or above, for enhancing endorphins
  • asparagus for turning up tryptophan, a precursor to the happy hormone serotonin
  • swiss chard for stress-reducing magnesium
  • chili with kidney beans & lean beef for a nerve-balancing combo of folic acid & B-12
  • Brazil nuts for depression-fighting selenium

Generally speaking, a balanced diet containing lean animal protein, legumes, whole grains, whole fruits and vegetables, plus raw nuts and seeds will aid in a upward-trending mood. Rejoice!

***Did you know that working with busy professionals is my specialty? If you or someone you know would like to learn more about how you can use food to fuel your hectic lifestyle and prevent disease, EMAIL ME for more info!

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