November 16, 2018

Hedge Your Health

with Laura Georgy, MS, RDN, LDN

May 2017
Greetings from the Mile High City! I moved from Chicago to Denver a few weeks ago to truly walk my nutrition and wellness talk. This part of the country is next level when it comes to healthy eating, sustainability and everyday outdoor play!

I look forward to sharing helpful Coloradoan insights and useful hacks in the months ahead. Have a healthy month!  XOXO, Laura

See It. Believe It.
Achieving your goals is only a sentence away.

Are you on a quest for better health? More joy? Stronger relationships? More cash flow?

Start the month of May with a simple mantra: “I am motivated to try my best.”

Write this (or any other words of wisdom) on a post-it note and place it on your desk or bathroom mirror as a reminder of what you really desire to get out of the day. The more visible the mantra, the more focused and “on course” you will stay.

Ready for the next step? ...Set your cell phone’s wallpaper to an image that aligns with your mantra. You will be reminded of your goal every time you check the time or receive a text!

Why the Frown, Flavored Water?

3 tips to enjoy La Croix without harming your pearly whites.

Just when you managed to kick your soda habit in exchange for zero-calorie, unsweetened flavored water, research warns us that the citric acid and fruit acids commonly used in flavored sparkling water could erode your teeth.

The culprit: acidity. Any beverage with a pH below 4 may be a threat to your teeth. These complications can range from hypersensitivity to an elevated risk for cavities. Ugh.

BUT THERE’S HOPE!  Adjust how you sip sparkling water for safer satisfaction. Try this:

1) Use a straw. A straw will minimize contact time on your pearly whites.

2) Sip with a snack. Rather than guzzling sparkling water on its own, drink this beverage with a meal or a snack to increase pH-neutralizing saliva.

3) Seek other sources of hydration. Mix things up. While filtered water will always be best, you could also brew an herbal tea or add cucumbers or mint to still water.

Client Confessional

Real life situations from anonymous clients who are trying their best.

Dear Laura: By definition, I have a healthy body weight. However, my % body fat number is higher than I desire. How can I maintain/increase my muscle mass and body weight but trim the fat? 

Dear 6-Pack: To achieve this result, one must be diligent with their diet AND fitness. If you focus on working out but don’t adapt to a healthy diet, it will be difficult to achieve a chiseled look. On the other hand, it is equally important to activate your muscles to fire up your metabolism, burn through stored fat and feel firm.

From a food perspective, the simplest way to reduce body fat without sacrificing muscle mass is to swap out grains (particularly the refined kinds like chips, breads and pastries) for protein and swap fruits for vegetables. Simply stated, choose savory over sweet.

Here are a few examples of standard swaps to help you skim the fat:

Standard: 5oz greek yogurt, 1/4 cup granola & 1 banana (45g CHO, 18g PRO)
Improved: 3-egg omelet with spinach, tomato and mozzarella (5g CHO, 27g PRO)

Standard: 1 serving of popcorn (15g CHO, 2g PRO)
Improved: celery + 1.5 tbsp peanut butter (5g CHO, 8g PRO)

Standard: 1/4 lb cheese burger and medium fries (85g CHO, 35g PRO)
Improved: steak taco salad (no tortilla shell) (32g CHO, 31g PRO)

Standard: lasagna & breadstick (60g CHO, 35g PRO)
Improved: chicken/shrimp kabobs + grilled asparagus + corn on the cob (20g CHO, 45g PRO)

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