March 6, 2015

Morning Weather

March 6th, 2015

CORN Weather

Dry high pressure is in play now over most of Argentina. Temps nearly normal. No frontal boundary activity until we get closer to the end of next week.

Precipitation picks up a bit in southern Brazil corn areas over the next 3 days. A strong front slowly works through next week attached to the strong low off the southeast Brazil coast that we talked about earlier this week. That front should clear most of the region by midweek next week. Following that, we should embark on a drier pattern with temps normal to above normal. However, from now through next Tuesday night, we can see half to 3 inch rains with coverage at about 70%. the southern half to two thirds of Rio Grande do Sul will likely not participate in the rains.

The US Corn Belt sees moderating temps and drying take center stage through the end of next week. the american model is flip flopping on how cold air comes in next weekend and how it stays. but, in general, we are looking for a very active precipitation pattern out of the south from next weekend on through the following week. this will result in some rains over the corn belt, but right now they look to stay mostly under control. temps stay at normal to slightly below normal levels from next weekend through the following week as well, after finishing next week well above normal. In this kind of pattern we need to watch for localized flooding from snow melt, and the potential for thick fog.


Scattered showers short term, then a front slowly works thorugh Brazil bean areas nex week. The pattern is very similar to what we were looking at yesterday. We like 6 day precipitation totals in the half to 3 inch range with coverage at 80%. the region drys down from late next week into the middle of the following week.

WHEAT Weather 

Warm and dry with a massive push of southern air coming in over HRW areas through this weekend and next week.  Colder air looks a little more impressive for next weekend and into the following week, but moisture does not seem to want to accompany the colder surge just yet. We think the moisture is there, but it will take a better developed front to produce usable rains.

Lots of snow melt over SRW areas over the next 5-7 days. Melt will start slow. Today it will be very cold over the entire SRW region, with temps building to near normal over the weekend. The best warmth comes next week. Heavy rains are possible toward the end of next week. .

!0 day precipitation maps also reveal no changes in the precipitation pattern in FSU and Russian wheat areas. While there will be some localized showers in Ukraine that promote up to three quarters of an inch, generally the rest of the grain areas in that part of the world stay dry. Temps shift to a bit below normal over the early part of next week.

No significant rains over Australia wheat production areas through the next 7 days. Action late next week stays mostly on the fringes.

    Allendale Advisory Contributor:

    Ryan Martin

    Ryan Martin

    Ryan graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Applied Agricultural Meteorology. Ryan has worked in the private weather sector for 18 years and is also a registered broker/branch manager for Allendale. Click on the picture above for more on Ryan and his contact info.