July 20, 2017

Morning Weather

December 17th, 2015


  • Mostly dry weather holds over the Corn Belt in the US through the weekend.
  • Next week gets active with a weak system Monday, stronger system Wednesday, and then a drawn out rain event for the southern and eastern Corn Belt for Christmas through the 26th.
  • The extended period has a strong storm complex over the entire corn belt for the 27th, and another weaker front for the 2nd (after a significant warm up)
  • 1-3” rains over all Argentina corn areas today through Saturday morning. Coverage 90%.
  • Scattered showers and thunderstorms give an additional half to 1.5” Tuesday through Saturday of next week over Argentina. Coverage probably 60% combined, but the heaviest rains hit areas that may have been skimped on earlier this year…in Buenos Aries and back into La Pampa.
  • Brazil corn areas get 1-3 inches over the next 10 days over the south and southeast parts of the country. Northern corn areas, particularly Bahia, may see very little rain in the period – half to 1 inch or less.


  • No change in the Brazilian rain pattern…scattered rains on a daily basis. Rains pick up in intensity and frequency this weekend and next week. Most bean areas may be pretty dry today and tomorrow.
  • Rains continue to be better in the south.
  • Rain totals remain similar, although tweaked a bit lower in southern Brazil. We look for up to an inch through next Wednesday, and then half to 1 inch for the following week period over Matto Grosso, Goias and western Minas Gerais.
  • 1-3 inch rains likely in the south to southeast from Matto Grosso do Sul through Parana and then south.

WHEAT Weather

  • Mostly dry in HRW areas through the next 10 days with some moisture starting to develop in OK and east TX areas toward the 26th
  • Major storm moves across the plains on the 27th bringing rains up to 1 inch, potential for snow.
  • Temps mostly above normal for next week, cooler after the system on the 27th, but then warming significantly again at the New Year.
  • After a dry period the next 4 days, SRW areas will see rains from US 50 southward…potentially heavy rains later next week.
  • Excellent rains for nearly 80% of Australian wheat next week. Starting Tuesday night in Western Australia we see moderate to heavy rains with a nice low pressure cluster, and then moving across the rest of the wheat belt through the end of next week. Rain totals will be half to 2 inches with coverage 80% of the wheat belt. The heaviest rains will likely end up over eastern areas in NSW and Victoria.
  • Nothing more than light precipitation and windy conditions in FSU areas in the next 10 days. Rain totals will be under half an inch. A strong low late next week stays mainly north, but needs to be watched for a potential change in track.

CATTLE Weather

  • Mostly smooth sailing for the next 10 days to 2 weeks.
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