September 2, 2014

Early Morning Weather Headlines

September 2nd, 2014

Corn Belt Some good/heavy rains in Indiana, southern IL and MO this morning along a front that will continue to move south and east. This will bring the rains to OH through the day. Rain totals will be from half to 2 inches, mostly in the lower half of that range with coverage at 80%. There is a little bit of isolated action firing off behind the front back in IA and MN this morning, as well, although that may have trouble holding together with out some upper level support. We won’t rule out showers in IL/MN, WI and IA through midday day. Coverage will be only about 40%, and amounts should stay under half an inch. {see more}…

Plains –Heavy thunderstorms pounded the southern part of the central plains overnight, but in general, the plains are moving into another drier stretch for a few days. Interestingly, the pattern that brings 3 fronts to the Corn Belt in the next 19 days may do so without including the plains. In fact, the first front for the Corn Belt later this week develops just to the east of the plains, and we only expect a few scattered thunderstorms in KS and OK late tonight and early tomorrow. Rains there will be under half an inch, and coverage only 50% (thunderstorm based). The rest of the plains is mostly dry. We may see a few thunderstorms in ND Thursday, and we can’t rule out a few thunderstorms along the front in NE and KS Friday…but really, we are talking scattered to isolated action, nothing substantial at this time…


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    Allendale Advisory Contributor:

    Ryan Martin

    Ryan Martin

    Ryan graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Applied Agricultural Meteorology. Ryan has worked in the private weather sector for 18 years and is also a registered broker/branch manager for Allendale. Click on the picture above for more on Ryan and his contact info.