July 20, 2017

Weekly Ethanol Production 6-1-2017

June 1st, 2017

Production rose in the latest week from 1.010 million barrels per day in the previous week to now 1.020. This was a strong 6.3% over last year. Our year to date pace is 5.2% over last year.

USDA’s whole year corn for ethanol goal is 5.450 billion bushels, 4.3% over last year. Current corn for ethanol conversion rates are actually 0.6% under last year. That could mean USDA’s goal for plain ethanol production is actually only 3.7% over last year. Our year to date ethanol production, at 5.2% higher, would appear to be beating USDA’s hopes well.

Separately, ethanol stocks are 9.6% over last year.


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