May 27, 2016


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The recording of our April 26 webinar is now available Listen in for the latest thoughts on US corn and soybean acreage, including how recent price swings could impact the final planting numbers, and how the market could react to acreage changes.

You'll also hear from AgriGold Agronomist, Mike Kavanaugh for his perspective on acreage and the potential of this years corn crop. Listen here.

A few of your takeaways: 

  • Will the recent price spike in soybeans lead to acreage shifts?
  • Early thoughts on the US corn crop potential
  • Will cost-saving measures have an impact on US yields?

March 29th Recording: Allendale's Rich Nelson gave a preview of the March 31st USDA Grain Stocks and Prospective Plantings reports. We also featured an in-depth look at China and macro markets, and how they could impact US Grain markets with CME Group's Erik Norland. View the Recording Here.

A few of your takeaways:

  • Recap of the Allendale Acreage Survey.
  • Thoughts on what to expect on the March 31 USDA Reports.
  • How China's Economy could impact US Grains.
  • What should we expect out of China going forward?

February 23rd Recording: If you missed our February 23rd webinar, you may access the recording here. Listen for an inside look at how order and money-flow, are moving the grain markets with Chris Modaff, Senior VP, Commercial Sales, at R.J. O'Brien.

We also gave an early look at U.S. acreage, including USDA Ag Outlook Forum thoughts. Listen Here.

A Few of Your Takeaways:

  • Will outside money interest in grains continue to fall in 2016?
  • How has the closing of the pits changed our markets?
  • How is order flow impacting day-to-day grain trade?
  • Early look at 2016 Planting/Acreage.

Listen to February Webinar.


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