September 4, 2015

Morning Weather

September 3rd, 2015

CORN and SOYBEAN Weather

  • Very warm, humid air mass remains over Corn Belt, and will produce pop up heat based thunderstorms. This air mass does not leave until late in holiday weekend.
  • Strong cold front sweeps in from Sunday afternoon through Tuesday. Rain totals .25”-1” with coverage around 75%
  • Temperatures behind the front drop to near normal levels.
  • Some models show lingering precipitation into Wednesday, others do not. If front is as well organized as anticipated, there likely will not be a super long tail on the precipitation.
  • Next front moves through for the 11th-12th. Rain totals again in the .25” to 1” range, but we like the middle to lower end of the range on that front right now…it continues to look less impressive.
  • After the second frontal passage, the country goes back into a “trough-in-the-east, ridge-in-the-west” pattern. The patter likely is not as amplified as the GFS points to, but will still promote cool air over Corn Belt, while temps heat up over the western half of the country.
  • In addition, pattern may increase chances of stronger storms in the middle of the country…the plains and western Corn Belt look to be a bit stormy from the 16th through the end of the period.
  • Late in the period, another strong front looks to move through around the 19th.

WHEAT Weather

  • Moderate to heavy rains in Canadian wheat areas tomorrow through next Tuesday. Rain totals 1-3 inches out of 2 systems with coverage at 90%.
  • HRW areas stay dry in the short term, with nothing more than heat based thunderstorms firing off on scattered basis.
  • Showers and storms sag through HRW areas at midweek next week, moisture totals mostly under 1”
  • Half to 2 inch rains in the central plains late Thursday into Friday of next week. Another batch of rain for the weekend
  • The extended period shows the entire Great Plains area picking up 2 systems in the 11-15 day window. This may be overdone for right now, but the region does look to see dramatically better rain chances through the middle 20 days of September.


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