February 6, 2016

Thank You to All Who Participated in Our Acreage Survey Update!

Allendale conducted a nationwide farmer survey from June 8 - 19. Producers from 26 states participated. We asked detailed questions covering acres already planted, how many remained, and their preventive plant totals. The following acreage estimates are computed from this survey.

Planted Acreage in million acres


                   USDA 2014      03/2015    ALDL 2015      

Corn                  90.597       89.199       91.742        

Soybeans              83.701       84.635       85.105        

All Wheat             56.822       55.367       55.523        

Winter Wheat          42.399       40.751       40.623        

Durum Wheat            1.398        1.647        1.792        

Other Spring Wheat    13.025       12.969       13.108     

The recording of our June webinar is in process! Check back and hear the complete details of the release of the findings from our Nationwide Producer Acreage Survey, including the acreage and grain stock potential on the USDA's June 30th reports as well as a look at how Greece is impacting grain trade in the U.S. Register Here

We'll continue our coverage of U.S. acreage in our daily commentaries. Register to check it out free, here .


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