November 16, 2018
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Monday January 23, 2017

How Will the Trump Administration Impact Markets?

Tuesday January 24, 2017

grains Wheat Opportunities Amid Growing Supplies

Allendale Analysts will cover the wheat production worldwide and potential areas of concern. Chart analysts will provide a unique discussion and traders will develop strategies you will be able to put to work.


Wednesday, January 25, 2017
When Can We See Beans in the Teens?

Allendale will cover all major fundamental factors influencing soybean pricing. For the producers we will provide specific strategies you will be able to put into action. Our leading chart analyst will share insight into probable price directions.

14361404_s Hog Industry Sees Green

 The hog session begins at 1:23:00

Allendale livestock analysts will discuss fundamental factors affecting the hog industry from China to the US. Will World demand for hogs influence domestic prices? Get the facts right here. Chart picture analysis will help provide additional insight.


Thursday, January 26 2017
Can Corn Yields Surpass Trend Yield?

Allendale will take an in-depth look at potential corn production for 2016. Yields could be affected this year by cash flow and input cost structure. Will producers switch to other crops due to planting costs? What will reduced fertilizer usage due to corn yield potential? What are Managed Money Funds doing in corn futures? You receive strategies for marketing in 2017. Listen in live or to the recording at your convenience.

cattle Are We in For A Bull Ride in 2017?

(Cattle begins at 1:15:30)

Allendale's Rich Nelson will delve into the fundamental factors affecting cattle prices in 2017. Are feeder prices going to come under pressure due to feedlot margins? Will larger feeder supplies fill feedlot and expansion demand? Get answers to your marketing decision questions. Allendale Analysts will also provide strategies based on technical patterns. The strategies will cover ideas you can implement immediately.



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