July 2, 2015

2014 Yield Survey

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Farmers Report Higher Corn and Soybean Yields

The Allendale Inc. Nationwide Producer Yield Survey suggests a projected US corn crop of 14.409 billion bushels and a soybean crop of 3.884 billion bushels. This estimate was based on producer calculated yields in 27 states. It was conducted from August 18-29.

Nationwide Yield Data

                                 Corn        Soybeans

2014 Survey Yield               171.9            46.4

2014 Survey Production         14.409           3.884

Estimated Frost Free Date

North Dakota                    10/06            9/27

South Dakota                    10/01           10/03

Minnesota                       10/04            9/28

Wisconsin                        9/30            9/30

Michigan                        10/06            9/28

USDA Aug 12 Harvested Acres    83.839          84.058

USDA Aug 12 Yield               167.4            45.4

USDA Aug 12 Production         14.032           3.816

Survey State by State Breakdown (Click for larger view):

090314-state by state breakdown

More on the Yield Survey

Including maps showing survey coverage, view the clip below from our 09/02/2014 Strategy Session. Premium subscribers, view the entire Strategy Session, here. Not yet a subscriber? Try our entire premium product free.